You Must Know International Humanitarian Law

International humanitarian law is often referred to as law of armed conflict or the law of war. It is a part of international law that governs relations between nations. There are many international conventions such as Hague Convention and Geneva Conventions that aim to restrict the affect of armed conflict on humanitarian grounds. They define the rights and obligations of parties to an armed conflict and how the parties should deal with injured soldiers, prisoners of war and civilian caught in an armed conflict. The goal of international humanitarian law is to limit the effects of war on persons and property.
International humanitarian law is a part of public international law and is composed of rules that seek to protect persons who are not or are no longer taking part in the conflict. It aims to resolve the humanitarian issues arising from armed conflict.
Nations engaged in armed conflict with one another cannot employ certain weapons or methods of war that cause excessive sufferings or unnecessary losses. Such nations must also distinguish between civilians and soldiers and ensure that civilians are spared in the conflict. Nations must take adequate precautions while launching an attack to avoid civilian casualties.
If you are a soldier who surrenders, you are entitled to be treated with respect. As a surrendered soldier, you cannot be killed or injured. You have the right to correspond with your family and to receive relief. Wounded and sick soldiers must be looked after and provided medical assistance by the party that has them in control. Civilian who are caught in the conflict have the right to life and dignity. Their personal rights must be respected and they must not be convicted.
International humanitarian law provides that everyone must be guaranteed access to justice and must not be sentenced without fair trial by a properly constituted court of law. It also prohibits mental and physical torture, cruel or degrading treatment and corporal punishment. Under international humanitarian law nations who are signatory to the various international conventions and treaties have the obligations to prevent and stop any violation of international humanitarian law. Nations also have an obligation to punish persons responsible for war crimes.
International humanitarian laws are generally enforced through the International Court of Justice. However in some cases, a lawsuit against a nation accused of violating international humanitarian laws can be filed in aUScourt. However you must first prove jurisdiction of theUScourt. If you are aUScitizen or you are a resident of theUS, it will be easy to prove jurisdiction. If you are a foreign national who is seeking to sue theUnited Statesfor violation of international humanitarian laws, you can file a case in a court of law located in theUnited   States.
Consult with an experienced international attorney to know your rights under international humanitarian laws. If your rights have been violated, the attorney can review your case and advise you on your options. In some cases you may be entitled to seek compensation for the violation of your rights guaranteed by international humanitarian law.

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