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    Refractory special non-standard equipment


    Features: This series of presses with a compact, easy to operate and flexible. Additional pairs of orientation of the vibration platform, higher guidance precision is more stable, vibration, high density. Demanding general shape of products mainly for the product size. Larger plates and shaped products, molding, such as high-grade sheet products, silicon carbide, mullite dolmen board. It has (1) vibration system using oil lubrication, power loss, the vibration force; (2) mold wear life than the life of other types of equipment multiplied; (3) vibration platform is equipped with accurate double guide device to increase the stability of the vibration platform. Forming the largest size: 700mm * 500mm Molding thickness: 6mm ~ 60mm Forming Speed: 1 (block) / minute Products, the four corners of the level of error is less than 0.3mm。

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