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    Refractory special non-standard equipment


    Characteristics: (T) PYZHC is the series YZHC simplified product. This series of presses with a simple structure, eliminating the need for (than YZHC Series: mold units, guided vibration column), flexible operation, maintenance and convenience features. Can suppress large, shaped pieces of products to replace the manual ramming, and increased the density and overall quality of the products.
    Molding Dimensions: (1000mm ~ 200mm) * (300mm ~ 800mm)
    Molding thickness: 15mm ~ 150mm
    Forming speed: <1 (block) / min (determined by the mold structure)
    Molded density> = silicon carbide 2.65g/cm3 corundum 3.2g/cm3 mullite 2.3g/cm

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