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    Refractory special non-standard equipment


    Characteristics: mainly applicable to a variety of bulk materials and refractory products, high densitymolding. Common shape for standard brick products, the larger plate and the forming of shaped products, with the forming speed, after forming the products walls have ears, spallation, etc..
    Sections of the press after the D2 type of the above models, but also has to ensure the molding density andspeed at the same time, one can suppress the multi-block, also with addition of the patented technology ofour plants, "FM AM" system.
    Forming the largest size: 700mm * 600mm
    Forming thickness: 8mm-200mm
    Forming speed: 3 (block), minutes
    Molded density: silicon carbide of 2.7g/cm3 corundum 3.3g/cm3
                  Mullite stone 2.5g/cm3 zirconia 5.4g/cm3

    Note: (T) FM AM
    The main functions: forming large, thick products can make the products up and down the density is uniformand improve the overall density of products, able to eliminate the spall phenomenon when forming originalmolding powder products.

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