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    Refractory special non-standard equipment


    Features: The control system adopts PLC computer programming, computer intelligent control, operation and interface of the touch screen display, mainly for the replacement products mold, high-density molding of a single species of mass production of refractory products. Control system stability, and low failure rate,along with the characteristics of the (T) YZHC series models, the forming speed, one can suppress multipleproducts.
    Forming the largest size: 700mm * 500mm
    Forming Thickness: 8mm ~ 200mm
    Forming Speed: 1 (block) / minute
    Molded density: silicon carbide of 2.7g/cm3 corundum 3.3g/cm3
                  Mullite stone 2.5g/cm3 zirconia 5.4g/cm3

    Note: (T) FM AM

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